As a partner of a U.K. headquartered group, specializing in aviation training services and providing Learning Management System and E-Courses to aviation companies around the globe. We currently serve over 150 airlines and are present in over 35 countries with more than 100,000 users actively benefiting from our systems and courseware.

Advanced Learning Management Systems

We are a leader in aviation e-learning today providing Advanced Learning Management Systems, and courseware to over 250 aviation companies throughout the World today. Our extensive course list includes a variety of courses for Pilots, Cabin Crew, Technicians, Dispatchers, Ground Personnel, Loadmasters, and Managers. All courses are delivered to the users with easy-access principles via our own applications in PCs, MacBooks, Android, and iOS Pads, and Phones which will provide the users with the ability to complete the training online and/or offline, anytime and anywhere in the world.

RMSen Aviation Flyco Learning Management System

The future of aviation training

Our training products and services are designed to meet the industry standards of today, with the concept of adaptability for rapid upcoming changes in the industry in mind. The systems are designed with the idea of scalability and customization to satisfy the industry specific needs of our customers.

Leading the way in aviation training

Our approach to quality can be condensed down to one phrase: “ensuring our customer satisfaction”. We provide all design, software developments, and courses are prepared with attention to quality as a priority. The same approach is adopted when taking on greater scale projects, ensuring timely deliveries with full client satisfaction in terms of quality.

The customer satisfaction is of paramount importance, and we make sure all our clients receive excellent service throughout their training.

We develop courses and systems in accordance with the civil aviation rules and regulations. All the parameters of the system and the course content are prepared by our in-house group of highly experienced instructors and are thoroughly checked for strict compliance in governing regulatory authority guidelines.

The FAA, ICAO, IATA, EASA and other local Civil Aviation Authority guidelines are used in creating and updating our system and courseware.

Proudly member of NBAA!

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